Pet Insurance

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As the quality and technology of veterinary health care improves, so must the cost.  From preventive care to emergency care more and more pet owners are being forced to ask themselves, "Do I do what's best for my pet, or what's best for my budget?" Pet insurance allows pet owners more financial freedom to follow their veterinarian's recommendations in doing what's best for the pet.  
Fairbanks Animal Clinic strongly urges pet owners to consider all the benefits of having pet insurance.  Nationwide has long been a trusted name in insurance, but did you know they also offer a wide variety of pet insurance plans as well?  Whether you're looking to get coverage for the expected, or unexpected, Nationwide has a plan to fit both your needs and your budget!  Call Nationwide Insurance at 866-838-7387, or click on the link below, to get a free quote and find out how to get cash back on your pet's medical/preventive care needs!